This is the website of PB1A. I hope you get a good impression through this website from my radio hobby. Below you can see some pictures of my radio shack and antennas. I am active from 160 meters to 6 meters in SSB and CW. At 2 meters and at 70 cm in FM, SSB and CW. Antenna VHF is from Commet and for HF I have a HyEndFed antenna MK2 from HyEndcompagny. My favorite band is 20, 80 and 40 meters SSB. My house frequency is 145.225 Mhz Class F3E

*** This is the website of PB1A (CW included) ***

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VERON Whitsun Camp 2016. klik hier.

Lightning strike May 2009 . klik hier.

My last workplace from 2016 to 2018. Then early retirement. klik hier.

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